Welcome to the Jungle

It has become a habit of mine to spend my mornings catching up on all the pre-election shenanigans that are going on in this country. As time has gone on, it has turned from a general interest in current affairs to more of an obsession, fueled by increasing disbelief at what I am seeing.

When people hear about Women’s Liberation, or the Women’s Rights Movement, what comes to mind is the suffrage movement of the 1920s, or the Gloria Steinem era of the 70s. While women today still face discrimination, I feel as though I can speak for most women when I say that we all considered the largest battles of this war to be over. That is why each day I am more and more dumbfounded that, in 2012, we are having to once again take up arms and speak out against the misogynistic, discriminatory, and un-Constitutional laws being put forth, and passed, around the country.
For reasons beyond my comprehension, the Republican party has decided to make women’s health their main focus – not the economy, not the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, not rising tuition costs for college students – but what goes on inside a woman’s body and inside the privacy of her bedroom. Whether this began as a genuine attempt to divert attention away from our country’s real issues or not, I can only hope that it has morphed into the death rattle of the GOP. The party is clearly out of touch with a large portion of its constituency, and reality in general. But I can’t laugh at them and call them crazy anymore. This has turned into a genuine problem for the women of America. Our rights to our bodies, and to our privacy, are being chipped away and it terrifies me to think that this trend could continue to the point where women no longer have a say in when and how they will raise children.

As women, we have the sole ability to perpetuate the human race. Sounds grandiose, but it’s true. And as the perpetuators of the human race, we deserve a lot more respect than we are being given by our lawmakers. They seem to fear our power, and are trying to control us. We cannot let this happen.

The first step to preventing this is through awareness. That’s what this blog is for – to raise awareness. If it inspires you to write letters to your representatives, or attend rallies, then I will be honored; however, all I ask is that the issues that I post here become part of your consciousness, that you remember the names of the people who seek to take away your rights, and that you use this knowledge in the upcoming election to preserve your freedom.

I don’t want this to be just for women, either. I am lucky that all the men in my life share my views and have as much respect for a woman’s right to privacy that I do. The rhetoric and ideas being spread by Republican lawmakers are so dangerous, so far-reaching, that they will affect the lives of men as well. So while this blog is about women, it’s for everyone who has a woman in their life that they love and want to protect.


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