Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act, Claim to Still Care About Women and the Economy

It seems as though the GOP has decided that their best chance at getting people to ignore their dismal track record on women’s rights is to continually deny everything. No one has told them, however, in order to come across as believable, you need to back up your words with actions.

Republicans continue to insist that this alleged “War on Women” is nothing but a campaign strategy devised by the Obama administration. According to Romney’s senior campaign advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, these claims are nothing but “shiny objects” used “to distract people’s attention from Obama’s performance on the economy. This is not a social issue election.”

Ok, Mr. Fehrnstrom, you say that this election is about the economy. Well where do your Republican friends sit on that issue? Oh here we are: yesterday, the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked in the Senate by a vote of 52-47.

The Paycheck Fairness Act was an attempt to close the pay gap between men and women working the same jobs. Right now, women make 77 cents for every dollar that men make doing the same work. The Act was designed to close loopholes and strengthen the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was signed by Obama in 2009. It would have required more transparency in company salaries, created greater penalties for companies that discriminated based on gender, and given women greater protection if they chose to sue their employer.

Republicans referred to the Act as a “bureaucratic roadblock that would have hindered free enterprise.”

The GOP insists that the economy is the only problem we should be focusing on. Their repeated attempts to restrict a women’s access to healthcare is not important, what is important is getting Americans working again. If that is their party line, then why exactly did they just vote against an act that would have given greater opportunities to women in the workplace? They call it a “war on free enterprise,” and claim that somehow paying women the same as men would hurt the economy somehow.

If you’re worried about the economy, here is a fact to consider:

The money that an average woman loses out on over her lifetime thanks to gender-based pay discrimination would feed a family of four for 37 years.

Explain to me how that’s not about the economy.


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