Senator Paul Blocks Passage of Flood Insurance Bill with Unrelated Personhood Amendment

Remember, remember, back in November, when Mississippi voters were asked to weigh in on the so-called “personhood” initiative, that would have declared life as beginning at conception? And remember when it was beaten into the ground, with 55% of Mississippi residents voting against it? It was a lovely moment for women’s rights – when a state that is typically considered a bastion of conservatism votes against something like this, you know it’s crossed the border to Crazy Town.

Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator, is having absolutely none of that. He’s decided to come in from left field, guns blazing, and bury his very own personhood amendment in a Senate bill dealing with flood insurance.

Yes. Contraception debate and flood insurance. They go together like peanut butter and…motor oil. What the what?

The actual bill, which has seen years of debate and reworking, deals with reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Plan, “the sole underwriter of flood insurance in the country.” It was, at long, last, set to go up for a vote in the Senate this week, and was expected to pass, since, you know, flood insurance is kind of important for a lot of people. Something both parties actually agreed on!

Along comes Senator Paul, “just trying to get a vote for the people who elected me.” How very noble of you, sir, to hold up a bill that will help thousands of Americans rebuild their lives because you want to get in some last-minute political game-playing. I wonder how many American families with flood-damaged homes would thank you for fighting for the rights of a cell instead of helping them? Paul claims that he proposed this amendment only because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “hasn’t really been forthcoming with offering a free-standing vote on it.” Well maybe that’s because it’s a total waste of time and an insane violation of human rights, but we’ll address that at another time.

Senator Reid is understandably fed up with these shenanigans, and gave a rather impassioned speech on the Senate floor, vowing that he’ll “do flood insurance with amendments dealing with flood insurance or we won’t do it.” He called upon Senate Republicans to speak out against Rand’s actions, pointing out:

“…I want everyone to know that this flood insurance bill is extremely important, the big pushers of this bill are Republican Senators, veteran Republican Senators. And they’d better work on their side of the aisle because I am not going to put up with that on flood insurance…There will not be a vote on that on flood insurance.”

Go Harry go! I would sincerely hope that some of the more sane Republican Senators (they exist, right?) are going to stand up to Paul and put a stop to this. It’s an election year – you don’t want your party associated with eliminating flood insurance for thousands of Americans because of a completely unrelated ideological debate. What Senator Paul is essentially saying is that the rights of a fertilized cell is more important than the lives and livelihoods of Americans who have their homes destroyed by floods. And while I hope that this deadlock ends quickly, I applaud Senator Reid for calling out the absolute ridiculousness of Rand’s illogical and insensitive political games.

Not pictured: anything to do with zygotes


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